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Introducing SmartAssistant 

Sendbird's knowledge chatbot powered by OpenAI's GPT, trained on your own content, to assist your customers throughout their entire journey.


Create a SmartAssistant

Experience a conversation with our AI-powered knowledge chatbot.

  • Provide your email and a web link to the content you'd like your SmartAssistant to get knowledgeable about.
  • Check your email for a private link to your personalized demo.

Supercharge your entire customer journey with SmartAssistant

Increase customer satisfaction and efficiency with GPT-powered AI chatbots across all customer touchpoints. 

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SmartAssistant for engagement
SmartAssistant for marketing
SmartAssistant for commerce
SmartAssistant for support

The perfect toolbox to enable AI chatbots with no code

Effortlessly create your knowledge AI chatbot, provide it with content, and test it swiftly before deploying it to your chat app.

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Pre-integrated GPT service
Chatbot configuration
AI prompt input
File and content URL ingestion
AI chatbot sandbox
Deploy AI chatbot in your app in a click

Swiftly embed chat with UIKit

Deploy conversational AI chatbot experiences users will love in minutes. 

Download the UIKit sample apps
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